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TOUR : 16 Day Botswana Tour Camping
ROUTE : Johannesburg to Johannesburg
DEPARTURES : Every Saturday
VEHICLE : Custom 17-seater adventure truck
DURATION : 16 Days (2 Nights lodge, 2 Nights cabin, 11 nights Camping)
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The casual visitor to Botswana could be excused for seeing the country as kilometre upon kilometre of flat, desolate scrubland with little or no surface water. But on closer inspection, coupled with local knowledge, a whole new world will manifest itself, and what is arguably Africa’s finest wildlife destination can be experienced. Botswana is a country the size of France, with over a quarter of its land is set aside exclusively for nature conservation.

Our tour will take us through the vast Kalahari plains where we meet with the local Bushmen, among the oldest peoples of Africa. We then venture further north, into the magnificent Okavango Delta, the world’s largest inland river delta, which spills water from the faraway mountains of Angola into the vast plain of the Makgadikgadi, creating a unique wildlife paradise. We explore the world renowned national parks in fully equipped, open 4×4 vehicles, our route following the age old game migration tracks, depending on the season. We enjoy a game viewing boat cruise on the Chobe River, in Chobe National Park, and finally we visit “The Smoke that Thunders” – Victoria Falls.

Clients may opt to fly out from Victoria Falls or to complete the journey back to Johannesburg, travelling southwards overland. This tour offers the adventure traveller, the photographer, the birdwatcher and the naturalist the ultimate natural paradise.


Our adventure starts on departure from the GREENFIRE LODGE JOHANNESBURG at 06h30. Making our way through the North West of South Africa with scattered mountains all around, we aim to cross the Botswana border near Lobatse. On completion of customs and immigration formalities, we cross into Botswana and the vast Kalahari Plains that stretch as far as the eye can see.

We will cover quite some distance today before arriving at our accommodation near the village of Kang. Tonight we enjoy a catered meal while our guide explains what to expect in the days to come.

Meals: Lunch and Dinner own expense
Included Highlights/Activity:
– Scenic drive through North West South Africa
– Kalahari Desert


Waking up to a spectacular Kalahari sunrise, we enjoy our first cup of coffee and a sumptuous breakfast before continuing to the old frontier town of Ghanzi. Ghanzi is home to some of the last traditional Bushmen that make a living in this harsh desert environment, and it is here that we will enjoy learning about the wilderness from these fascinating people.

Our experience will include an educational bush walk led by true Bushmen to give us insight into their daily lives and teach us how they manage to survive in these harsh conditions, their hunting and trapping skills, their peculiar belief systems, and how they find and store their water. Overnight on a vast tract of land owned and managed by the local people.

Meals: B L D
Included Highlights / Activity:
– Guided bush walk led by true bushman/san


The Okavango River, emanating from central Angola, far to the northwest, flows south- and eastwards, before slowing and spreading into one of the world’s only true inland deltas, creating as it does so a unique ecosystem that supports a huge variety of animal and plant life. The sight of a Jacana striding delicately amongst the flowering lilies, the Bee Eater diving to prey on an unsuspecting insect, and of course the familiar cry of the African Fish Eagle – all combine to create the canvas of one of nature’s unique masterpieces. The river, eventually spilling its contents into the vast plains of the Makgadikgadi sands, disappears.

We spend our time in the Delta exploring the area both on land and water. We will learn about the animals and plants of the Delta from local guides who have grown up in the area, and will also, through informal interaction with the guides, have the opportunity to learn about the local people and their way of life in this isolated wilderness area.

Meals: B L D; B L D; B L D
Included Highlights/Activity:
– Okavango Delta
– Guided walks in the Delta led by local Motswana guides


Starting early, we begin our journey back to relative civilisation. This afternoon we arrive in the ‘tourism capital of Botswana’ – Maun. We will spend some time stocking up on basic supplies, before travelling the short distance out of town to the DRIFTERS MAUN TENTED LODGE, our stop for the night.

The lodge is situated on the banks of the Boteti River. This river is known to change its flow direction, depending upon the season and rainfall patterns. The lodge offers comfortable accommodation, swimming pool, bar and restaurant.

Meals: B L D
Included Highlights/Activity:
– Boteti River Sunset

(5 Days National Parks)

We enjoy a scrumptious breakfast at the Lodge while preparing for the game viewing part of the trip which is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the tour. Traveling in our well-equipped 4×4 vehicles we head into true wilderness, passing remote villages along the way. We spend five days in the national parks following seasonal game migrations on extensive morning and afternoon game drives, also with relaxing down time to appreciate this rare jewel of a place and its deep tranquillity.

An example of our route could be: starting with Moremi, we spend first night near the well-known Third Bridge. Drift off to sleep to the howl of the distant hyena or the earthy roar of a lion, and even the deep grunt of a half-submerged hippo. We then head on north via Xakanaxa to camp near North Gate. This area is excellent for game viewing and we will conduct afternoon and morning drives along the wetland areas.

Then on up to Savuti, the area offers a multitude of game drive options and a very active game area (keep the fruit well hidden from the roving elephant, the meat from the prowling hyenas, and everything from the monkeys). The vegetation is constantly changing, from open plains, palm trees and marshland, to dense Mopane woodlands and Acacia scrub, and hence all the fauna and flora changes accordingly.

Depending on the conditions in the national parks we might also venture into the Central Kalahari Game Reserve or the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park. During this part of the journey we camp in pristine, remote, private sites where there is no sign of man’s existence – we leave each site in the same condition, nothing but footprints in the sand are left for the quiet winds to deal with.

Meals: B L D; B L D; B L D; B L D
Included Highlights/Activity:
– 4×4 open vehicle game drives on all five days
– Private non fenced campsites
– Extensive first hand game viewing experience
– Explore the heart of National Geographic’s photography region


Our last morning in the parks, we slowly game drive our way back to Maun. We will have some time to explore town and enjoy an “own expense” lunch before heading out to the comfort of the DRIFTERS MAUN TENTED LODGE. This afternoon we will relax at the Lodge before enjoying a catered meal and a comfortable night.

Meals: B D; (Lunch on this day is own expense in town)
Included Highlights/Activity:
– Game Drive on the way out of the park
– Visit to Maun


We enjoy a relaxed morning at the lodge, spending time along the river bank and enjoying the tranquillity of the area, or lounging at the swimming pool. After an early lunch we continue and venture eastward into the spectacular Makgadikgadi Salt Pans area. Besides the stark scenery, the pans are known for their prolific birdlife and the other desert-adapted animals, and, when the rains come, migrating flamingos are spotted on the pans.

Without disturbing the surface, we make our way to a remote site where we take in the isolation and serenity of this expanse. Tonight we encourage clients to enjoy a night out under the canopy of stars. With no other artificial light in the area, our private overnight spot provides the perfect location for star gazing and our guides will take time to explain the constellations. As the stars dance above us we drift away to sleep.

Should the pans be inaccessible for spending the night we will make use of alternative camps in the area.

Meals: B L D
Included Highlights/Activity:
– Remote campsite on the edge of the pans
– Night under the stars (weather permitting)
– Star gazing


Venturing north today, we leave the desolation of the pans behind and make our way up to the mighty Chobe River. The Chobe area is known for the huge herds of elephants and other animals that are attracted to drink from the river. This afternoon we enjoy an extensive boat cruise within Chobe National Park. Gliding close to the banks we hope to approach the animals from the river for close up viewing. Our cruise will explore the Chobe River front and a section of the Namibian side of the Chobe River. Back on land, we cross the border into Zimbabwe and make our way to the GREENFIRE LODGE VICTORIA FALLS. The lodge is centrally situated and within walking distance of the falls and all other attractions.

Meals: B L D
Included Highlights/Activity:
– Chobe National Park, especially elephants
– Extensive Boat Cruise on the Chobe River- hippos and crocodiles, river birds.
– Exquisite environs


Awaking in the adventure capital of Africa, it is with new excitement that we explore the amazing Victoria Falls. “Mosi o Tunya “, meaning “The smoke that Thunders”. This is the place where, according to ancient traditions, the “Big Snake” or “Nyami Nyami” is in hiding. On this day we include your entry and leave you to admire this wonder of the world. Various other attractions can be visited and activities enjoyed including the tribal village or curio market. An aircraft flip over the falls or a boat trip on the Zambezi River, white water rafting or bungee jumping are all worthwhile, but allowance must be made for the extra expense.

We spend two nights here, thus allowing clients some time to explore the town and all it has to offer by themselves. Tonight we will eat out in a local restaurant (own expense). Relax to the sound of the African night and the distant roar of the falls and drink the farewell toasts to your adventure.

Meals: B (Lunch and dinner is own expense in town)
Included Highlights/Activity:
– Victoria Falls National Park
– Entry Fee for viewing the Falls


The guests flying out on the 15-day tour will do so today, the rest will set off to cross back into Botswana and continue south toward Francistown, home of the national football team. Tonight we spend our last night in our tents, enjoying the African night and celebrating our adventure with our last tour meal.

Meals: B L D
Included Highlights/Activity:
– Last opportunity to view game on route to Francistown
– Scenic drive from Zimbabwe to Botswana


Crossing the Limpopo River, we return to South Africa and make our way to the GREENFIRE LODGE JOHANNESBURG, where we arrive in the early evening. Post-tour accommodation and airport transfers can be booked through DRIFTERS.

Meals: B (Lunch today is own expense)
Included Highlights/Activity:
– Scenic drive from Botswana to South Africa

The day by day descriptions published are intended as a rough guideline only. Adventure travel by nature is unpredictable, weather patterns, game migrations, road conditions and a multitude of other factors may necessitate itinerary changes that ultimately are for the client’s benefit. It is essential that clients are flexible and open minded in this regard.


Please ensure that you are in possession of valid travel documents for all the countries, (Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa) that you will visit. If you have any queries in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please ensure that you have proof of further travel arrangements if you do not have a South African passport, permanent residency permit, work permit or study permit. Although we will endeavor to assist, we do not accept any liability or obligation for your travel documents.
• Telephone number: Botswana Consulate in Johannesburg: (011)403-3748 / 9
Zimbabwe Trade mission in Johannesburg: (011)838-2156 / 9

• Or visit: Botswana Tourism at
Zimbabwe Tourism at

Make sure that your passport has at least six months’ validity from your planned date of return to your home country. Make two photocopies of valuable documents such as your passport, tickets, visas. Keep one copy with you in a separate place to the original and leave another copy with someone at home. Please note that all guests travelling to South Africa will require two blank facing pages in their passport.


Upon arrival in any respective country we operate in, you will be able to find a Bureau de Change OR ATM Facilities at the airport or in the Town/City the tour is departing from. It is advised to bring any major world currency (US Dollar, Euro or British Pounds) in small denominations and not dated older than 2009. It is advised to get a small amount of local currency upon arrival just to get around until your tour starts.
On Tour -Please be advised that our guides will inform and show you the best places to exchange any Major World Currency with the best possible exchange rates either before your tour starts or during the course of the tour. Our guides will brief you exactly on where to exchange and roughly how much you will need to exchange after discussing possible optional activities, own expense meals or possible curio stops. Drifters trucks have safe-keeping facilities for extra cash/flight tickets/passport.
The preferred currencies per country are as follows:
• South Africa – ZAR; Rand
• Botswana – Pula
• Zimbabwe – US Dollar (it is the official currency); Rand, Pula, Euros, British pounds (at a bad exchange)

Suggested amounts for each currency:
(Without use of credit card)

• Rand : +- R 500 – R 700
• Pula : +- P 1500 – P 4000
• Dollar: +- $ 150 – $ 500

(With use of credit card)

• Rand : +- R 100 – R 600
• Pula : +- P 500 – P 1000
• Dollar: +- $ 30 – $ 200

Credit cards can be used throughout most parts of Southern Africa but it is advised to please ensure you have enough cash for personal expenses and possible gratuities.

Please note the only lodge on this tour to receive card payment will be Greenfire Johannesburg lodge. All other lodges will ONLY receive cash payments.

Areas where you shall be able to use your credit card are as follows:
• Greenfire JHB Lodge for activities; food; accommodation and small extras
• Shopping in Kang; Ghanzi ; Maun at large supermarkets
• Victoria Falls activities

It is compulsory that all passengers make arrangements for adequate travel insurance to financially safeguard against unforeseen circumstances. If you need further information please do not hesitate to contact us. Drifters do not accept responsibility for any loss, injury, damage, accident, fatality, delay or inconvenience experienced whilst on tour. You will be required to complete and sign a full indemnity prior to your tour departure.
Your insurance should include all the countries and territories that your tour will pass through. You must ensure that you have sufficient cover for medical and evacuation costs, and should base this on advice from your insurer. A minimum benefit of USD 60 000.00 is recommended for evacuation from any area in which Drifters operates in Africa to South Africa, with further benefits for medical costs in South Africa, and for possible repatriation to your home country. Please note that you will be required to furnish details of your travel insurance to Drifters before you will be allowed to travel with us. Please ensure that these details are completely and accurately recorded in order to facilitate a claim should this be necessary.


The only necessary prophylaxis for Southern Africa is against Malaria (Botswana Zimbabwe). Adequate chemo-prophylaxis is essential. Prevention is better than cure, so we do advise to also use insect repellent on exposed areas after sunset. Please consult with your general practitioner regarding this. All Drifters guides have first aid boxes for use in emergencies, however we recommend that you bring along your own basic supply of medication, headache tablets etc.
***Personal medication
Please bring along any personal medication that you might need on your tour as specific medication could be difficult to find or might not be obtainable in most places we visit. General medication for headaches, colds and fever are easy to get.
Please also inform your guide of any medical conditions. This information will be received professionally and kept confidential.


Please note that Southern African weather conditions vary tremendously from season to season. During summer months temperatures of up to 40°C can be experienced. During the winter months of June, July and August the nights are very cold, temperatures may drop well below 0°C, although the day temperatures will be pleasant at around 20°C. Please take weather conditions into consideration when choosing a sleeping bag for your tour.


Herewith a recommended guide of what to bring along:
For walking, hiking and Safaris
Sport Shoes / Sneakers
Sun Cream
Water Bottle
Smaller day pack
Camera, Binoculars
Books (Birds, Mammals, personal reading books, Optional)

For general travelling (to keep yourself entertained on the longer drives)
Personal iPod
Personal Reading Books
A deck of cards or something similar
Battery chargers for your personal devices (Ipods, Ipads, E-Readers, Handy’s etc)

Our vehicles are well equipped with charging facilities while driving. A Two-pin charger is perfect.

Clothing and Toiletries
Long Trousers / Tracksuit
Waterproof Windbreaker
Jersey / Jumper
Socks & Underwear
T-Shirts / Shirts
Hat or cap
Swimming Costume & Towel
Personal toiletries
Insect Repellent

General Accessories
Mosquito Net (Optional)
Malaria Prophylaxis (please enquire from your general Doctor at home)
Money (Sundry expenses, gratuities)
Headlamp / Flashlight / Batteries
Sleeping Bag & Small Pillow
Passport / Visas (if applicable)
*Please Note- If you wish to see Victoria Falls from the Zambian side or do any activities such as the Microlight Flight across the Falls from the Zambian side, it is advisable to get a Kaza-Visa on arrival of the Kazungula Border going into Zimbabwe. Please speak to your guide for assistance.

Luggage and Packing space on our vehicles
** Luggage should be limited to a maximum of 15kg’s. Each Drifters Traveler have their own locker on our trucks which is accessible even while driving. Backpacks, Barrelbags or Soft Suitcases are strongly advisable as your standard Hard Suitcases sometimes don’t fit into the lockers. Each locker could be locked with your personal lock (which you can also purchase from the Greenfire Johannesburg Inn upon arrival.

*** Refreshments can be purchased en-route on the first day of the tour, and at regular intervals throughout the tour.


Meals are provided as indicated in the brochure/website. We do not provide meals on the first day of your tour. We do however stop en-route; therefore it is always possible to buy something along the way. Soft drinks, bottled water and alcohol are for your own expense; there is ample opportunity during the tour to buy refreshments. The guide will advise when you need to stock up for a couple of days.


A reasonable amount of personal spending money must be brought on our tours. This is to cover own expense meals as indicated in our Drifters Brochure, bottled water, soft drinks, alcohol, sundry goods purchased- such as suntan cream etc., curios, optional extra excursions, airport tax, transfers and tips.

In Africa things work a little different to the rest of the World. Tipping or gratuity, unless otherwise specified, is not included in the price you pay for services delivered. This accounts for restaurant meals, casual help and the services of the guide or guides that you will meet on your tour.
In Southern and East Africa it is classified as a common courtesy to TIP “casual help (guides)”.
This TIP is not something that is forced upon you by any means, but in many industries of tourism it is customary. It works as follows: if you believe your guide has lived up to your expectations and has performed his/her job in a way that you respect and are happy with the services rendered, an amount of R 50 per day or equivalent amount of R50 per day in any major currency per person per day would constitute a fantastic tip. Remember that this is just a guideline and is not by any means compulsory, but seen as common courtesy in Southern and East Africa.

• Kalahari – Bushman walk
• Okavango Delta
• Okavango mokoro excursion
• Delta walks
• National Parks (Moremi/Savuti – 5 days)
• Extensive open-vehicle game drives in national parks
• Wild remote serviced camping in national parks
• Makgadikgadi Salt Pans
• Chobe River boat cruise
• Chobe National Park
• Victoria Falls National Park and entry fee

The 16 Day Botswana Tour departs from Johannesburg and ends back in Johannesburg again on the last day. Guests can extend their stay in South Africa by booking Pre-Tour or Post-Tour Accommodation at the Greenfire Lodge Johannesburg. Please contact Drifters or your agent for more information.


This trip requires a valid passport and for certain nationalities, a visa for Zimbabwe and Botswana. A sleeping bag, towel and pillow are required for this tour. Seasonal Malaria precautions are necessary and are locally obtainable. A barrel bag or backpack is best suited for this trip (suitcases do not fit into the space provided). An extra day bag or camera bag is advised. Spending money required will be for the restaurant meals, drinks, visas, tips, curios, airport transfers, and any other optional excursions. (Zimbabwe airport tax US$30-00 for those flying out on day 15 – subject to change.)
Remember, help us to help you by participating and by keeping an open mind and flexible mentality. Our price includes all food as specified, coffee, tea, juice at breakfast, transport, professional guides, mekoro hire, accommodation, group equipment, permits and park entrance fees.
Our price does not include restaurant meals where stipulated, visas, tips, curios, optional excursions, alcohol, bottled water and soft drinks, airport tax, airport transfers and airfares.
Before departure clients will be required to enter into an agreement pertaining to our booking conditions and general information as defined on our website and in our brochure. Clients are required to have their own comprehensive personal travel insurance.


The 16 day Botswana tour departs from the Greenfire Lodge Johannesburg, 25 Alida Street, Northcliff at 06h30 on the first tour day (Saturday) and ends back on the last day (Sunday) at around 17h00 till late, border crossing dependant.
Guests not staying at the Greenfire Lodge must arrive at the Lodge at 06h00. The telephone number is +27(0)11 888 1160.
The tour can be reduced to 15 Days by flying out from Victoria Falls.


PRE and POST night accommodation can be arranged at the Greenfire Lodge in Johannesburg. It is advisable to overnight at the Greenfire Lodge if you have not already made alternative arrangements. Accommodation at the Greenfire Lodge can be arranged through Drifters or your travel representative. The Greenfire Lodge is located in the Northern suburbs of Johannesburg – a safe residential area. The Greenfire Lodge has a lovely swimming pool, restaurant, bar & shop. The Lodge is within walking distance of various shopping centers and banks. The Drifters Office is located on the same premises should you have any queries regarding your tour.
Please note that we strongly advise against flying out on the day that the tour ends. Drifters will not be held responsible for missed flights on this day. We generally travel long distances and late arrivals are common.

Please note that linen will be provided at Johannesburg Lodge, BUT you will need a sleeping bag and pillow for the rest of the tour. The nights specified as accommodated on tour is a total upgrade from camping, but stays very basic.
• Batteries can be charged from a 220 volt source pre tour departure in Jhb, on most nights at the lodges and every day on the truck while the truck is driving from a 12 V inverter.
• Currency exchange opportunities: Arrival at Johannesburg Airport, the first day of your tour at the Lobatse border, Maun and in Victoria Falls
• Limited Laundry facilities: Maun & Victoria Falls (Essential washing only)
• Internet facilities: Pre night in Johannesburg & in Victoria Falls

We sell a range of sleeping bags in our shop starting from € 40.00 nett per person. We also have a range of barrel bags for sale starting from € 50 nett per bag.


All our tours require participation from all group members. This entails assisting with the food preparation, washing of dishes, keeping the truck clean and the setting up the camp.
Please keep in mind that flexibility and an open mind will greatly contribute to an enjoyable safari.
We are travelling in developing countries therefore please do not expect the punctuality you have come to expect in first world countries. Things do not always run according to plan, however we do endeavor to run according to the itinerary as best as possible.


Botswana Tour Departure Tour Rate p/p
1 July 2019 to 30 Jun 2020 € 2195
1 July 2020 to 31 Dec 2020 € 2295

Please note: As of 1 January 2020 Drifters will implement a minimum requirement of 4 passengers to confirm a tour departure. Our reservation office will be able to assist with any request or questions.


South of Johannesburg is Soweto, the world’s most famous township and important monument to Apartheid. A sprawling, self-sufficient home to millions, Soweto grapples with democratic change, but its spirit resonates in a plethora of shebeens. The focus on this tour is more on community projects & sustainable tourism. The Soweto Fair Tour includes: Nelson Mandela & Hector Pietersen Museums, a visit to Handiworx or the Soweto Green plus a view of Baragwaneth Hospital and an informal settlement. Also included is a cycle tour from Phomolong & visit a day care center (also available without cycling).
From R590 per person for 3 hours

You can also do a cycle tour of Soweto – pricing depends on the time you cycle for.

The tour includes a panoramic view of the city, a drive within the business district, visit to traditional African shops, the bohemian Hillbrow and Museum Africa in Newton, the cultural district of Johannesburg. Extend to 8 hours & include Constitution Hill, SAB World of Beer & more.
From R590 per person for 3 hours

Combining the Soweto & Johannesburg City tours will give you a great overview of the area.
From R850 for 5 hours

The path through the museum leads you on a journey beginning with segregation, the cornerstone of apartheid. It takes you back through the history of the myriad cultures converging during the pre-apartheid era. Through the years of race classification, the 150 acts of apartheid, detentions and the oppression of the nationalist regime. Examine the rise of black consciousness, the armed struggle & finally witness the release of Nelson Mandela after 27 years of imprisonment which finally led to the final negotiations for peace. The Apartheid Museum experience is one of upliftment and liberation both personally & socially and leaves each visitor with a feeling of hope for the future, unburdened by the ills of the past.
Duration: 3 hours R550

The tour visits both the Sterkfontein caves, where the oldest hominid fossils (dating back to over 3 million years) in the world were found & Maropeng where you can experience the fascinating, interactive representations of the origin of Earth & all that lives on our unique planet. Interesting to both adults & children alike, this is a must visit on anyone passing through Gauteng’s itinerary!
Duration: 4 hours R990

Pretoria generates a multicultural energy from a harmonious blend of traditions, culture and architecture. Pretoria has historic value extending to that of the British Empire and Apartheid. The tour includes the either the Voortrekker Monument or Freedom Square, the Union Buildings, Kruger House, Church Square, Mirramen Hindu Temple and thousands of Jacaranda trees. Extend to 8 hours and include both the Voortrekker Monument & Freedom Square as well as the Transvaal Museum. Lunch in Pretoria
Duration: 4 ½ hours R850
Duration: 8 hours for the extended tour, incl. lunch R1500

Scenic flight over the Okavango Delta (Highly Recommended)
The flight prices range from between R665 – R3760, this is dependent on how many people decide to go on a flight. If you are interested inquire with your guide. (you can use Credit Or Visa cards for payment)
Village walk from our Drifters Lodge in Maun (Pula 50) -Prices may vary

• White Water Rafting – Low water – USD 150
• White Water Rafting – High water – USD 140
• Gorge Swing – USD 95
• Tandem – Gorge Swing – USD 140
• Zip line – USD 70
• Tandem – Zip line – USD 110
• Flying Fox – USD 45
• Canopy tour – USD 55
• Half Day Adrenalin (Adrenalin High wire pass) – USD 140
• Adrenalin high wire & canopy tour pass – USD 175

• Full Day Chobe – USD 160
• Horse Riding Safari – Experienced – USD 85
• Horse Riding Safari – Novice – USD 80
• Game Drive – USD 95
• Night Drive – USD 130

• Sundowner Cruise – USD 50
• Fishing (3 Hrs) – USD 120
• Upper Zambezi Canoeing – USD 150

• 12/13 Minutes Helicopter – USD 150
• Micro light Flight- USD 174
(this only happens in Zambia, and if planning to do it, it will mean you will need to acquire a dual visa when going through the border to Zimbabwe)

Choose any two of the following for only USD 305.00 and get a cruise almost free!!!
– White Water Rafting, Upper Zambezi Canoeing, Half Day Adrenalin, 12/13 Minutes Helicopter, Night Drive

Choose any one of the following plus a Chobe trip for only USD 293.00
– Half Day Adrenalin, White water rafting, Upper Zambezi Canoeing, Night Drive
Book White water rafting and Gorge swing and pay USD 200.00 only.

Please Note:
Optional Activities can be booked on arrival. No bookings are made in advance.
Rates are subject to change without notice
Activities are subject to availability
Activities are weather dependent

“We completely fell in love with Africa after this trip and we miss it every day! The desire to go back will probably never go away so we will have to keep coming back to Africa and explore more of this wonderful continent!”
24 Day Southern Circle, October 2017, Sirry, Sweden
“Much better than expected! I will book it again, it was fantastic! Thanks to Drifters and the awesome guide”
17 Day Namibia, April 2017, Martin, Belgium