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TOUR : Namibia Camping Tour
ROUTE : Windhoek – Windhoek
DEPARTURES : Selected Sundays
VEHICLE : Custom 17-seater adventure truck
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Namibia: Africa’s adventure playground. The land of unrelenting sun, where the ground appears to beg the heavens for rain and the vast landscapes stretch uninterrupted for hundreds of kilometres, without signs of human intervention. Living deserts, where one gazes in wonder and amazement at the displays of changing natural colours, and at the animals and plants that somehow survive in this seemingly harsh environment.

This tour covers all of the popular highlights, but also includes many “off the beaten track” destinations, seldom visited by mainstream tourism.
Flexibility, a willingness to participate, an awareness of the elements, and a desire for unlimited adventure, are essential in order to best absorb all this tour has to offer.

For 2021 we will offer a shortened Namibia tour that offers guests a package visiting the highlights of this beautiful country including our private desert reserve in Namib Rand, Sossusvlei, Swakopmund, Brandberg, Khorixas and Etosha.

We are also offering guests the option of upgrading to fixed accommodation every night on the tour. Please contact the office or your agent for more info.


Our adventure in Namibia begins in the capital city of Windhoek.
After a short tour briefing and “meet and greet”, we set off exploring Windhoek, viewing the attractions of the city before ending the day welcoming the warm hospitality at the infamous Joe’s Beerhouse restaurant. Tonight we spend in comfort at our hotel and prepare for the next day’s adventure.

Meals: Dinner own expense
Included Highlights/Activity:
– Windhoek city Tour


Leaving the city lights behind we enter the heart of the Namib, taking in its vast plains, red dunes, towering mountains and ever changing landscapes. Late afternoon, we reach the GREENFIRE DESERT CAMP, a remote camp nestled against a rock outcrop, within a conservancy that forms part of the vast Namib Rand Nature Reserve, and home for the next two nights. The reserve gives life to a variety of desert adapted fauna and flora and many an animal species. Enjoy an extensive walk as well as a day, and a night desert drive during our time here.

Meals: B L D
Included Highlights/Activity:
– Private Desert Camp
– Private Desert Reserve


We awake to desert vistas that extend further than the eye can see. All animals here exist in completely natural surroundings, and are free to move unrestricted over the full extent of the reserve. Our expert guide will help us understand the unique desert fauna and flora, so today we start off with an ecology walk in this beautiful environment, searching for animals, foot prints, and signs of the behaviour and survival strategies that allow them to exist in these harsh conditions.

During the heat of the day guests have time to relax at the camp, or to explore the surrounding area on foot, should they wish to. Mid-afternoon we depart on a desert drive, up and over the magnificent dunes. As the evening approaches, a traditional sundowner drink is enjoyed while the sun dips over the African landscape. Once dark, we slowly drive back to camp anticipating to encounter some of the nocturnal animals adapted to living in the desert.

Meals: B L D
Included Highlights/Activity:
– Open-vehicle desert drive
– Desert walk
– Private Desert Reserve


Setting off early, we cross the endless desert plains to the Sesriem Canyon and the awesome red Sossusvlei dunes – reputedly the highest in the world.
We transfer into the heart of the dunes, to spend some time climbing these spectacular mountains of sand, before taking a 4×4 transfer into Sossusvlei and Deadvlei – a clay pan characterized by dark dead camel thorn trees against the white pan floor. We explore these truly unique sites on foot, before the 4×4’s take us back to our vehicle.

In the afternoon we visit the Sesriem Canyon, before continuing to our camp-site for the night.

Meals: B L D
Included Highlights/Activity:
– Sesriem Canyon
– Sossusvlei
– Deadvlei
– 4×4 transfer into these areas
– Dune climbing


Crossing through Kuiseb Canyon, and the Namib-Naukluft National Park, we make our way to the port town of Walvis Bay, and then on to Swakopmund, where German influence still lingers from late 1800’s, and spend two nights in comfortable accommodation.
We explore this holiday town and its surrounds thoroughly, and enjoy both our evening meals at local restaurants (own expense).
Swakopmund is a must-see for any visitor, and offers guests a variety of adventure activities. Clients will have the opportunity to partake in quad biking, sand boarding and skydiving whilst here (own expense). For those that simply want to relax, the town offers a variety of restaurants and shops, where one can get a feel for the local culture.

B L; B (Dinner on Day 5, lunch and dinner on Day 6 all own expense)
Included Highlights/Activity:
– Scenic drive through Namib-Naukluft National Park
– Swakopmund


Today we head north up the harsh Skeleton Coast, a barren stretch of coastline along the Atlantic Ocean, with scattered ship wrecks, littering the beaches.
We visit Cape Cross, a spectacular breeding ground for Cape fur Seals where more than a 100 000 seals take refuge.

We then venture back inland, travelling through the vast desert to the iconic Brandberg Mountain, the highest mountain in Namibia, and view a canvas of ancient rock art. Those not up for the walk can remain in camp and enjoy the beautiful surrounding views.

Tonight we snuggle in at the foot of the mountain, hoping to encounter the elusive rare desert elephant.

Meals: B L D
Included Highlights/Activity:
– Cape Cross seal colony
– Brandberg White Lady


Our trip takes us to breath taking Damaraland, region and home of the Damara people. Along the way we include several stops including visiting the Organ Pipes – formed about 150 million year ago, and the Ancient Rock Engravings at Twyfelfontein before reaching our camp for the night in the Khorixas area.

Meals: B L D
Included Highlights/Activity:
– Twyfelfontein
– Damaraland


Making our way further north, we enter the renowned Etosha National Park, arguably the highlight of the tour. Becoming one with nature we enjoy two days of exploring the park. During these days we conduct extensive game drives, visiting little water holes, exploring, letting your senses free, making the most of our time in the park.

In peak season when the park rest camps are very busy tours might stay outside the park and go in and out for game drives.

Meals: B L D, B L D
Included Highlights/Activity:
– 2 days within the Park
– Extensive game viewing opportunities


An early morning, we pack up and begin our journey back to civilization. The drive to Windhoek will take the majority of the day and the tour will officially come to an end in the late afternoon on arrival back in the capital city.

Meals: B
Included Highlights/Activity:
– Scenic drive to Windhoek

The day by day descriptions published are intended as a rough guideline only. Adventure travel by nature is unpredictable, weather patterns, game migrations, road conditions and a multitude of other factors may necessitate itinerary changes that ultimately are for the client’s benefit. It is essential that clients are flexible and open minded in this regard.


Please ensure that you are in possession of valid travel documents for Namibia. If you have any queries in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact us. Although we will endeavour to assist, we do not accept any liability or obligation for your travel documents.

The contact telephone number for Namibia Tourism in Johannesburg is: + 27 11 784 8024.
Or visit Namibia Tourism on

Make sure that your passport has at least six months’ validity from your planned date of return to your home country.
Make two photocopies of valuable documents such as your passport, tickets, visas and travellers cheques. Keep one copy with you in a separate place to the original and leave another copy with someone at home.


The Namibian Dollar and the South African Rand are the currencies used in Namibia. All major currencies can be exchanged in Namibia. Please ensure that you have enough Rand as there are very few opportunities to exchange foreign currencies. Major credit cards are widely accepted and can be used to pay for restaurant meals etc. Small trading stores will probably not accept credit cards.
Upon arrival in any respective country we operate in, you will be able to find a Bureau de Change OR ATM Facilities at the airport or in the Town/City the tour is departing from. It is advised to bring any major world currency (US Dollar, Euro or British Pounds) in small denominations and not dated older than 2009. It is advised to get a small amount of local currency upon arrival just to get around until your tour starts.

During the tour our guides will inform and show you the best places to exchange any Major World Currency with the best possible exchange rates either before your tour starts or during the course of the tour. Our guides will brief you exactly on where to exchange and roughly how much you will need to exchange after discussing possible optional activities, own expense meals or possible curio stops. Drifters trucks have safe-keeping facilities for extra cash/flight tickets/passport.

The preferred currencies are as follows:
•Namibia – Namibian Dollar $

Suggested amounts for each currency:
(Without use of credit card)
•Nam $ : +- N$1 500 – N$ 1700

(With use of credit card)
•Nam Dollar : +- N$ 1100

It is compulsory that all passengers make arrangements for adequate travel insurance to financially safeguard against unforeseen circumstances. If you need further information please do not hesitate to contact us. Drifters do not accept responsibility for any loss, injury, damage, accident, fatality, delay or inconvenience experienced whilst on tour. You will be required to complete and sign a full indemnity prior to your tour departure.
Your insurance should include all the countries and territories that your tour will pass through. You must ensure that you have sufficient cover for medical and evacuation costs, and should base this on advice from your insurer. A minimum benefit of USD 60 000.00 is recommended for evacuation from any area in which Drifters operates in Africa to South Africa, with further benefits for medical costs in South Africa, and for possible repatriation to your home country. Please note that you will be required to furnish details of your travel insurance to Drifters before you will be allowed to travel with us. Please ensure that these details are completely and accurately recorded in order to facilitate a claim should this be necessary.


The only necessary prophylaxis for Southern and East Africa is against Malaria, but on this tour there is no eminent danger as Namibia is regarded mostly as a Malaria free zone however prevention is better than cure, so we do advise to also use insect repellent on exposed areas after sunset. Please consult with your general practitioner regarding this before departure.

All Drifters guides have first aid boxes for use in emergencies, however we recommend that you bring along your own basic supply of medication, headache tablets etc.

Personal medication
Please bring along any personal medication that you might need on your tour as specific medication could be difficult to find or might not be obtainable in most places we visit. General medication for headaches, colds and fever are easy to get. Please also inform your guide of any medical conditions. This information will be received professionally and kept confidential.


Please note that Southern African weather conditions vary tremendously from season to season. During summer months temperatures of up to 40°C can be experienced. During the winter months of June, July and August the nights are very cold, temperatures may drop well below 0°C, although the day temperatures will be pleasant at around 20°C. Please take weather conditions into consideration when choosing a sleeping bag for your tour.


Herewith a recommended guide of what to bring along:
For walking, hiking and Safaris
Sport Shoes / Sneakers
Sun Cream
Water Bottle
Smaller day pack
Camera, Binoculars
Books (Birds, Mammals, personal reading books, Optional)

For general travelling (to keep yourself entertained on the longer drives)
Personal iPod
Personal Reading Books
A deck of cards or something similar
Battery chargers for your personal devices (Ipods, Ipads, E-Readers, Handy’s etc)

Our vehicles are well equipped with charging facilities while driving. A Two-pin charger is perfect.
Clothing and Toiletries
Long Trousers / Tracksuit Hat or cap
Shorts Swimming Costume & Towel
Waterproof Windbreaker Personal toiletries
Jersey / Jumper Insect Repellent
Socks & Underwear
T-Shirts / Shirts

General Accessories
Mosquito Net (Optional)
Malaria Prophylaxis (please inquire from your general Doctor at home)
Money (Sundry expenses, gratuities)
Headlamp / Flashlight / Batteries
Sleeping Bag & Small Pillow
Visas (if applicable)

** Luggage should be limited to a maximum of 15kg’s HARD SUITCASES ARE NOT SUITABLE!!
*** Refreshments can be purchased en-route on the first day of the tour, and at regular intervals throughout the tour.


Meals are provided as indicated in the brochure/website. We do not provide meals on the first day of your tour. We do however stop en-route; therefore it is always possible to buy something along the way. Soft drinks, bottled water and alcohol are for your own expense; there is ample opportunity during the tour to buy refreshments. The guide will advise when you need to stock up for a couple of days.


A reasonable amount of personal spending money must be brought on our tours. This is to cover own expense meals as indicated in our Drifters Brochure, bottled water, soft drinks, alcohol, sundry goods purchased- such as suntan cream etc., curios, optional extra excursions, airport tax, transfers and tips.
In Africa things work a little different to the rest of the World. Tipping or gratuity, unless otherwise specified, is not included in the price you pay for services delivered. This accounts for restaurant meals, casual help and the services of the guide or guides that you will meet on your tour.

In Southern and East Africa it is classified as a common courtesy to TIP “casual help (guides)”.

This TIP is not something that is forced upon you by any means, but in many industries of tourism it is customary. It works as follows: if you believe your guide has lived up to your expectations and has performed his/her job in a way that you respect and are happy with the services rendered, an amount of R 50 per day or equivalent amount of R50 per day in any major currency per person per day would constitute a fantastic tip. Remember that this is just a guideline and is not by any means compulsory, but seen as common courtesy in Southern and East Africa.

• Windhoek city tour
• Private Namib Desert reserve
• Open-vehicle game drive
• Desert walk
• Desert night drive
• 4×4 trip to Sossusvlei and Deadvlei dunes
• Sesriem Canyon
• Walvis Bay
• Swakopmund
• Skeleton Coast
• Cape Cross seal colony
• Brandberg
• Etosha National Park
• Damaraland
PRE and POST night’s accommodation can be arranged at the Safari Hotel, Windhoek. It is advisable to overnight at the Hotel Safari if you have not already made alternative arrangements. Accommodation at the Safari Hotel can be arranged through Drifters or your travel representative. The Hotel is ideally situated ± 3 km away from the noisy city centre.
Please note that we strongly advise against flying out on the day that the tour ends. Drifters will not be held responsible for missed flights on this day. We generally travel long distances and late arrivals are common.


This is an adventure tour, and as such involves a certain amount of walking – a small daypack is advisable.
Seasonable malaria precautions are advisable and are locally obtainable. During winter the night-time temperatures can fall below zero Celsius, and during summer the daytime temperatures can reach the forties – please be prepared.
Most major currencies can be exchanged on arrival in Windhoek and at other centres, but banking hours do apply. Credit cards are generally accepted.

Visa info – A valid passport is required by everyone. The tour will visit Namibia and it is the client’s responsibility to ensure they have the appropriate visas required for this trip. Some nationalities may need to obtain visas before departure as they may not be obtainable on arrival.

Our price includes transport, food, coffee, tea and fruit juice at breakfast, two Drifters crew, group equipment, permits and park entry fees. The price does not include alcohol, bottled water and soft drinks, tips, curios and optional extras.

Before departure, clients will be required to enter into an agreement pertaining to our booking conditions and general information. Clients are required to be covered by their own comprehensive personal travel insurance, including medical cover.


Your tour will depart on selected Sundays from:
– Hotel Safari, Corner of Auas & Aviation Roads, Windhoek at 14h00, Tel: +264 61 296 8000
– Guests not staying at the Hotel Safari must arrive at the Hotel at 13h00.
Please give us a call on our 24hour emergency no +2711 888 1160 if you encounter any issues.

Please note that we strongly advise against flying out on the day that the tour ends. Drifters will not be held responsible for missed flights on this day. We generally travel long distances and late arrivals are common.


Please note that linen will be provided at Safari Hotel, BUT you will need a sleeping bag and pillow for the rest of the tour. Should you pre purchase the accommodation upgrade prior to the start of the tour, linen will be provided on the nights that are upgraded to accommodation. The nights specified as accommodated on tour is a total upgrade from camping, but stays very basic.
•Batteries can be charged from a 220 volt source pre tour departure in Windhoek, on most nights at the lodges and every day on the truck while the truck is driving from a 12 V inverter.
•Currency exchange opportunities: Arrival at Windhoek Airport, Swakopmund
•Please note that Namibia accept South African Rand as the currency is 1to1 with SA.
•Limited Laundry facilities: Windhoek (Essential washing only)


All our tours require participation from all group members. This entails assisting with the food preparation, washing of dishes, keeping the truck clean and the setting up the camp.
Please keep in mind that flexibility and an open mind will greatly contribute to an enjoyable safari.
We are travelling in developing countries therefore please do not expect the punctuality you have come to expect in first world countries. Things do not always run according to plan, however we do endeavour to run according to the itinerary as best as possible.


Namibia Tour Departure Tour Rate p/p
2021 € 1395
Accommodation Upgrade Per Person Sharing € 535
Accommodation Upgrade Per Person Single € 675


SKYDIVING (Ground Rush Adventures)
N$ 2100.00 per person
Handy Cam N$ 500.00
Extra N$ 950.00 for a professional camera man. Which includes 2 DVD’s one with still photos and the other documenting your skydive experience, from start to finish.
Pick–up and drop-off at Lodge.
This activity can be done in the morning or afternoon.

QUADBIKING (Desert Explorers)
1hr – N$ 400.00 per person
90min – N$ 500.00 per person
2hrs – N$ 600.00 per person
There are 2 options: 1) Fully automatic, 2) manual.
This activity can be done in the morning or afternoon.

Includes: Transfers, light lunch & safety gears
LIE DOWN : N$400pp
STAND UP : N$500pp
On a Snowboard adapted for sand.
Beginning on training rides, the customer first masters the basics before going onto the larger dunes where one can reach a speed of up to 80km/h. Top range equipment is supplied with excellent and experienced instructors/instructions.
Mornings only. Duration approx. 3 – 3.5 hrs
Pick-up and drop-off at Lodge.
Light lunch and drinks included.

N$ 600.00 per person.
This tour is a half day tour. The tour takes you through the dunes where one will track and find the hidden life in the seemingly desolate but amazing landscape. One will see the small five, Palmato Gecko, Peringuey’s Adder (Sidewinder), Shovel Snouted lizard, Fitzsimons Burrowing Skink, Namaqua Chameleon as well as other desert creatures, minerals and desert plants. The tour is eco-aware, informative, interactive and fun. Endless photographic opportunities.
Mornings only. Duration: approx. 5hrs
Pick-up and drop-off at Lodge.

DOLPHIN TOUR (Ocean Adventures)
Includes: Transfers, Light lunch & cold beverages
N$ 600.00pp
All boats are catamaran ski-boats of various sizes with toilets on board. Passengers proceed to Pelican Point to view the Cape Fur Seals. Experience the thrill of feeding a few seals who will join the passengers on the boat. Be highly exhilarated to see dolphin’s riding the bow of the boat. Enjoy a complimentary glass of champagne with fresh oysters and snacks. Skippers are fully qualified, comply with all Namibian Tourism and Tour operator regulations and requirements as well as being tri-lingual (English, Afrikaans and German).

Includes Scenic Ride from Swakopmund down to Walvis Bay, Lunch, safety gear, transfers.
N$ 800.00pp Adults (MINIMUM OF 2 PAX)

Includes: transfers, lunch, drinks & Equipment
N$ 1350.00pp (Boat)
N$ 1500.00pp (Shore)

Hafeni Tours and Travel
For a local Dinner and Cultural Experience in Swakopmund, please check out this website for more information on
Includes: transfers, traditional meal & drinks
N$ 450.00 pp

Includes : sparkling non alcoholic champagne and transfers.
MIN. 4 pax
N$650.00 pp
Enjoy a 90min quad drive as the sun is setting and stop at the top of the dune to enjoy fresh oysters and non-alcoholic champagne watching Namibia’s beautiful sunsets.
Please Note:
Optional Activities can be booked on arrival. No bookings are made in advance.
Rates are subject to change without notice
Activities are subject to availability
Activities are weather dependent

“I’ve been to South Africa 3 times and my first time was with drifters two times with other companies drifters wins hands down.”
5 Day Kruger , 4 Jan 2019, Frogg Vidler
“Amazing tour, amazing guide and it really shows you the 30 years of experience Drifters has.”
16 Day Botswana, 23 July 2019, Urs Nosberger
“The tour as well above expectation and was a great way to discover South Africa for the first time.”
18 Day South Africa, 10 December 2019, Desiree Dietz