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Aimed at those seeking more than the formality of a hotel or the claustrophobia of a B+B, the Greenfire concept is one of down to earth personal service in a location exuding natural beauty and attractions – our Lodges cater for the adventurer / traveller / individual /couple / family – always without compromise.
Over 30 years in the eco-tourism / hospitality industry has enabled us to build up a collection of Lodges and Camps, all ideally situated from both geographical and ecological perspectives – each has been carefully nurtured and built to meet with our theme, “ Well Priced and Superb Location – Homely and Comfortable”
More than just accommodation, Greenfire concentrate on the overall experience, each of our properties is presented in a manner that brings clients directly into contact with the best that the area has to offer, be it wildlife, scenery, the ocean, culture, etc. Our emphasis is always on the environment, and besides those Lodges in Cities, our properties all offer exquisite natural environments where clients can explore, hike, cycle, etc. or simply relax without restriction. Our commitment to conservation is paramount and clients will witness firsthand our extensive efforts in this regard.
At the Greenfire properties our experienced managers and staff will personally host you and will be on hand to offer assistance regarding activities and attractions in the respective areas.
To create the ideal adventure tour the Greenfire properties may be linked to ensure continuity throughout your holiday, our reservations office would be pleased to assist with advice on each of the different properties as well as itinerary planning.