Welcome to the official home of Drifters - your ONLY choice when it comes to Tours and Safaris in Southern and East Africa. With a passion for Africa and all its beauty, the fauna and flora found in the various countries and a love for the people that make the continent unique we are committed to offering our guests a unique and unforgettable experience in Africa. With more than 36 years of experience in Africa and a fleet of custom built safari vehicles, our staff are dedicated to showing you Africa and all it's beauty!

What we offer
Drifters is an South African based tour operator established in 1983. We offer adventure safari tours throughout Southern and East Africa to small groups of international travelers that want to experience Africa in a unique way. Our tours attract guests from all ages traveling alone or together that want to explore, discover and immerse them self in the beauty, culture and history of Africa.
All our tours use custom built safari trucks that take a maximum of 17 passengers. The vehicles offers guests comfort and reliability with custom features like a fold out kitchen, on board fridge, individual client lockers and big windows that offer panoramic views.
We offer a selection of camping, accommodated and private tours that endeavor to show clients the most of what the continent has to offer with a good balance between wild life, culture, history, adventure and scenic beauty.

The Original Green Company
Drifters has a proud history of conservation that spans over 3 decades. Our approach to running tours in a safe and sustainable manner is green to the core with numerous projects launched over the years that not only benefit the environment and local communities but also our guests on tour giving them a unique and sustainable experience.
Over the last 36 years we have invested in the environment and local communities rebuilding nature areas that was once on the verge of destruction and employing local communities to gain from the proceeds of tourism. Our properties like the Drakensberg Lodge in South Africa, our desert reserve in Namibia, the Maun Lodge in Botswana and the Lodges in Balule adjacent to Kruger Park are shining examples of years of rehabilitation and investment to turn these properties into thriving nature areas filled with indigenous plant and animal species.
Our efforts do not stop at rehabilitating nature areas but expands to the local communities that live in the areas we visit and work. Employing only local guides from Southern Africa for our scheduled groups tours is just the beginning. Throughout our tour routes we employ local people that live in the vicinity of our lodges insuring a sustainable future for generations to come. All our Drifters staff have the opportunity to improve and advance their skill level through a study support program in place for them.
Caring for the environment to insure that future generations will be able to travel with us and have the same experience we offer now is part of the essence of Drifters and remains a focus point for everyone on the team. Visiting sensitive nature areas is part of our experience and our guides insure we offer a fantastic experience but one that is controlled and has no damaging effect on nature. Avoiding single use plastic where ever possible and the active promotion of safe and sustainable water use are two key aspects. Travelling through developing counties where limited facilities exists for good waste management our guides make a point of leaving each campsite clean and in pristine condition.
As the oldest adventure tour company in South Africa our approach to a sustainable future and the implementation of sustainable practices has been the focus since 1983. It remains one of the core values for the company and its employees driven to a greener future for all. Our affiliation to numerous governing bodies in Southern Africa that control and regulate the tourism industry is a stamp of approval for the practices implemented.

We offer a wide range of Adventure Safari Tours throughout Southern and East Africa with regular scheduled departures throughout the year. Our tours explore the various destinations and all they have to offer allowing our guests to opportunity to travel and experience the unique offering of each country.
Our tours travel to 12 different countries and include:
South Africa ; Botswana ; Namibia ; Zimbabwe ; Mozambique ; Eswatini ; Lesotho ; Zambia ; Malawi ; Kenya ; Tanzania ; Uganda

Our Product
All of our tours are inclined toward the interesting and often unique fauna and flora of Africa and for this reason we often leave the beaten track to explore remote areas where little or no familiar infrastructure exists. In these areas we generally camp, but all equipment is supplied, and no previous experience is necessary. All that you need to bring along is a sense of adventure, the clothes you will wear and a sleeping bag for the camping tours. When we enter built-up areas where facilities exist, we use Lodges, bungalows or small hotels. Drifters tours are based on twin shared accommodation, however we do not charge a single supplement for individual bookings.

Our Responsibility
Being Southern African owned and based, Drifters has a company registered in every country in which we operate and we employ large numbers of local people in all those countries. Clients can therefore feel assured that a percentage of their tour fee is in fact going directly to all those local communities. Drifters are also members of all major tourist associations and authorities, and are licensed and insured to operate throughout the region, thus ensuring accountability and providing clients with security and peace of mind.

Our Customers
Having said all this, all that remains is you, the client. We target adventure-minded people, who through their own active participation in the tours get maximum enjoyment. Our clients are normally down-to-earth people from all walks of life and from all corners of the globe, who by choice have selected a camping safari in order to enjoy the maximum experience.
If you really wish to spend your time on an African safari with a small international group, and you relish the thought of an environmentally educative and adventurous experience where Roughing it and Loving it is the order of the day, then Drifters is your only choice.