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€30 pp
€600 for camp


If you are adventurous, and love discovering the hidden gems that are just waiting to be found, then Drifters have the perfect answer for you. In conjunction with local communities we have developed 4 Drifters Adventure Camps along what is the ultimate adventure playground - the Transkei Wild Coast. This is the ultimate adventure DIY holiday. Take a backpack or a mountain bike and traverse this incredible stretch of coastline - or get a bunch of mates together and spend a week at one of the camps - all located for easy access, and amazing adventure!
Remember, for most of these Camps, you need to be very self-sufficient. In other words, you need to take most of your provisions in with you. Whilst they are all within driving distance of shops, the roads are not ideal, and why waste time on the roads when you can be playing?


The 4 camps are located between Port St. Johns and the Mkambati Game Reserve :

Drifters Ntafufu Adventure Camp

Located in the heart of Pondoland, only 10km from Port St. Johns, the Drifters Ntafufu Adventure Camp is located at the estuary of the Ntafufu River. With a beautiful 2km beach almost exclusively for you, and no towns, electric lights or shops to get in the way of your enjoyment, bunker down for an amazing experience. Fishing is phenomenal, and there are natural wonders - including the Magwa Falls - within easy day hike distance. Together with the Ntafufu Lagoon's mangroves, this is one of the most picturesque spots along the Wild Coast.

Drifters Manteku Adventure Camp

The Camp is built unobtrusively beside an indigenous coastal dune, with easy access to the beach and the river. There is plenty to do, with walks to numerous local attractions, fantastic fishing, and you can hire canoes from the camp manager (for the river, not the sea!). This is a great family destination - perfect for the little ones.

Drifters Luphuthana Adventure Camp

A little off the beaten track - with good roads for access, Luphuthana is located close to our Lambazi Bay Lodge, and is perfectly located for the adventurer. From there the cliffs rise almost all the way to Port St. Johns, and the iconic natural attractions of Waterfall Bluff and Cathedral Rock are on your doorstep. Fishing is amazing, and don't forget your mountain bike for some unforgettable trail riding.

Drifters Msikaba Adventure Camp

The Drifters Msikaba Adventure Camp is located at the mouth of the Msikaba River - with the wonderful Mkambati Game Reserve on the other bank. The reserve itself is easy to access - sometimes you can walk over at low tide - or simply row across. .It is an adventure wonderland, with copious waterfalls and small streams making their way to the sea, and sights of wildebeest and other animals are frequent. Going the other way, it is a short hike to Lambazi Bay (Port Grosvenor), and fishing - as with the entire coastline - is amazing.

Ntafufu River Estuary

Drifters Manteku Adventure Camp

Drifters Luphuthana Adventure Camp 


Accommodation in all the Drifters Adventure Camps consits of 12 twin-bedded, en-suite, tented units under thatch. Each tent is raised off the ground (on a platform) and have a little balcony. Each unit is en-suite, with its own hot shower (a pleasure on the Wild Coast) as well as a toilet and a basin. There are lights in each room as well, and a small table and chair.

Please note that you need to bring your own linen!

Facilities and Amenities

There are ample facilities in the Drifters Adventure Camps :
• Fridge and freezer space (no bait in these, please)
• Stainless steel cooler box
• Cutlery and crockery for 24 people
• 3-piece gas stove (no oven)
• 2 pot basins (hot and cold water)
• Tables and chairs
• Braai grid and braai area
• Nature guide books and tide charts
• Braai area

Do bring your own food. Do bring your own drinks - in many cases the tap water is drinkable, but it is recommended that you bring bottled water in. Where possible PLEASE think of the environment and bring canned drinks. Do bring charcoal and wood - you may get wood in certain areas, but it is not guaranteed. Do bring torches.
Please note that fires on the beaches are not permitted.

Msikaba River mouth, with Mkambati Game Reserve on left

The spectacular Waterfall Bluff near Drifters Luphuthana Adventure Camp tumbling into the sea - natures shower!

•   4 Different Camps
•   12 en-suite Tents under Thatch
•   Fully Self-Catering
•   Crockery & Cutlery Provided
Hot Water!!
•   Bring own Linen
•   Amazing Locations

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Drifters Dolphin Coast Lodge -  300 km
Drifters Drakensberg Lodge -   400 km